Dont Forget to Check Silk Twill Fabric Common Uses and Care Tips

When it comes to art and craft, you often hear about silk twill. It’s one of the most commonly used fabrics in the market. These days, you can purchase them in bulk and craft a wide variety of things with them. If you want to know how to put this fabric to good use, it’s better to know all about its usage and care tips. Let’s get started.

Uses of Silk Twill Fabric

Here are most popular uses of this fabric.


The very first place where silk twill is commonly used is clothing. The reason is that this fabric adds a luxury touch to apparel. Whether you are into a long maxi, a short crop top, or a simple t-shirt, silk seems like a good base to start with. Since it’s available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and shapes, you would be able to add a personal touch to your clothing and apparel.

Home Decor

Whether you want to create table mat or think about creating enticing draperies, silk twill will help you in a way you never think about. Since it’s easy to clean, its table mat can be spread on your family table. Another good idea is to create some bed sheets by adding cotton and silk twill; this combination will add aesthetic contrast to your bedroom. This versatile fabric is so amazing that you can add it to a wide variety of home furnishings.


As far accessories are concerned, you can create a wide variety of them with silk twill. The scarves are becoming a trendy fashion accessory; you can create some with silk. If you are into art and craft, designing some purses and wallets with this fabric is always a good idea.

How to Care for Silk Twill Fabric?

This fabric is lightweight with a glossy shine. You need to handle it properly if you don’t want to damage its natural fibers. Here are some tips you need to follow while using this fabric.

  • Always perform a color test on your fabric. For example, you can soak the fabric piece in water to check whether its colors fade or change. Also, soaking will help you understand whether this fabric will shrink.
  • Try to avoid exposing silk twill under direct sunlight. Why? Because its colors or fabric can get damaged.
  • When storing this fabric, pick a cool and dry place and wrap it in acid-free tissue paper.
  • Using a very sharp scissor is always suggested to cut this fabric. The best way to prevent serger or zigzag cutting is to cut on the lengthwise grain.
  • You need to sew this fabric at a moderate speed; if you sew in a hurry, you won’t be able to bring neatness to your stitching.
  • Always put a press cloth between silk and iron if you don’t want your silk twill to get burned. Also, don’t scorch the silk fiber, and don’t put extra pressure.


Silk Twill fabric is an excellent choice for clothing, accessories, and home furnishing. Always follow its care tips to prevent damage.



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